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this is how you make “gay jokes” folks

having two parents of any gender would suck because when u need one of them you’d be like “mom” and the wrong one will reply and you have to go “not you the OTHER one” and thats why if i marry a girl and we have kids she can be mom and i will be optimus prime

optimus prime

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Anonymous: May I ask you a question. When I started my weight loss program I had a lot of free time so fit in exercise easily. I now work 55 hour weeks and just find myself so tired that I keep falling behind on my workouts. I really want to loose another stone and a half before my birthday at the end of August and I just feel I won't make this goal if I carry on like this :( xx


Try fitting in small burst of intense cardio whenever you can. See how many jumping jacks you can do while cooking dinner, do squats in the shower, lunges during commercials on tv… Literally whenever, this actually adds up and helps a lot. Also try at home workouts whenever you have some extra time, good luck babe xx

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